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Spam firewall

Virtual MX Server

Have a virtual server managed by us, where you should point your MX, in order to perform improved anti-spam filtering, counting on our DNSBL SPFBL and the SPFBL system, which provides a whole framework for spam filtering and reporting, as well as mechanisms Spam, such as SpamAssassin with custom Brazilian rules.

Filter spam before reaching your server with our experienced team, who manages the first Brazilian DNSBL.

Please contact us informing you the number of estimated email and traffic accounts for details.

Eliminate up to 85% of email traffic

About 85% of emails received by an MTA server are SPAM, only 15% of messages are legitimate messages.

Increase the capacity of your email service without spending anything else with infrastructure.

Plug and Play

You do not need to install any software or script on your server.

Simply redirect the MX address of the domain to our servers and the filtering starts automatically.

Using a Brazilian DNSBL list, which is fed in real time by thousands of users connected through a peer to peer network, the false positive rate is almost zero.

Custom Whitelist and Blacklist

The service uses a brazilian DNSBL, with more complete information from spammers that travel specifically in Brazil.


In addition, you can block or authorize any recipient that you want easily by creating your own blacklist and whitelist.


Malware scan using clamav-unofficial-sigs.

We do not allow your users to receive emails with fraud or viruses.