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P2P Network to Fight SPAM
Eliminate 99% of your network's SPAM traffic easily, without installing any programs.
We take care of everything for you.
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Thousands of users help update the SPFBL blacklist.

The P2P system minimizes false positives, receive only valid emails.


MX virtual server that eliminates excess data traffic on your network.

Use the processing power of your servers with whatever it takes. Leave SPAM with us.

Brazilian DNSBL

We managed one of the first DNS block lists, aimed at Brazilian providers.

SPFBL system smart scripts use the DNSBL project list, eliminating 99% of SPAMs.

Digital Security

SPAM is the biggest threat to your company's digital security.

Abduction of a bank password can do enormous damage.


Sending SPAM causes an estimated worldwide loss of $ 14 billion.

According to the Washington Post, every day 100 billion SPAMs are fired around the world. It is estimated that 88% of the worldwide e-mail traffic is SPAM. In 2010, companies spent $ 6.5 billion on anti-spam technologies. Eliminate SPAM traffic on your network by spending very little.

Free trial
sistema antispam SPFBL
High performance

SPFBL servers use the Amazon AWS framework, the most trusted on the Internet worldwide. Intelligent and optimized SPAM recognition algorithms reduce false positives to less than 1%.

Greater Productivity

Users can receive more than 160 SPAM messages in a single work day, spending about 6 to 8 hours per month just deleting undue messages.


SPFBL is the most recent innovation in the fight against SPAM, being the tool that offers the lowest cost per user of the market and delivering the highest reliability.


Please get in touch with us and ask for the ultimate solution to eliminate SPAM from your email accounts.


In a few minutes, our servers take action and begin to eliminate unwanted messages.


Through the SPFBL platform, the user can help the entire community by reporting SPAMs.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

In up to 30 days you can quit the service without paying anything for it.

SPFBL Service Features

Check out all the advantages that the SPFBL service offers, compared to traditional anti-spam solutions:

Requirements Traditional anti-spam SPFBL
Broadband economy
Instant Protection against Spam and Phishing
Zero maintenance
No server or program installation required
Increases the security of your internal network
Increases the productivity of email users

Eliminate multiple digital threats.

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Sending malicious emails is the main scam strategy on the internet to get bank passwords and steal sensitive information. Avoid major financial losses, contamination of workstations with viruses, and increase your business productivity. SPFBL is the most efficient and inexpensive solution on the market.

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