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SPFBL abuse list


The DNS Abuse List (DNSAL) is a technology created to store abuse team email addresses from each IP on the Internet. This list is used by the SPFBL project to send Abuse Reporting Format (ARF) directly to the ARF processors of the company responsible for each IP. This makes it easier to combat abuse because ARF is designed to be machine-processed and allows for several automatic actions, such as freezing the abuser sender account without the need for human intervention.



Purpose of DNSAL


DNSAL aims to centralize a database of abuse email addresses for each IP on the Internet. All providers that use SPFBL, with version 2.9 or higher, already uses DNSAL by default. Therefore, any new registration in our DNSAL will propagate to all nodes in this condition and the registered address will automatically receive the ARFs from all these nodes.


DNSAL can also be used by any third-party system, as long as such a system complies with the requirement to query the DNSAL and send the ARF to the returned email address, if any. For the third-party system to be fully compatible with SPFBL, the ARF must meet the requirements of RFC 5965, and submit this ARF always for the registered address in our DNSAL. Such a system should also include the text in the ARF body:

You are receiving this abuse report because your IP is registered at



DNSAL Consumption


Obtaining the email address abuse of an IP occurs through the DNS query in the TXT record of the reverse of this IP in the following zone:


As an example, we can refer to the abuse address of both host IP versions of as follows:

root # dig + short TXT
root # dig + short TXT
root #



Registration in DNSAL


Any company can apply of the abuse email address in our DNSAL. This DNSAL application is free for ASN owners. When dealing with a user renting an IP, the DNSAL application will be paid and the cost depends on the CIDR range to be registered or the number of domains. If you wish to register your IPs in our DNSAL, contact us requesting a quote and informing all IP ranges plus the abuse address.



Bulk ARF processing


You can make your own ARF processing implementations, but we recommend that you take a look at this open source project because it can be a great start:


Unsubscribe in DNSAL


IP changes occur all the time, so any request for unsubscription will be met, from which the requester can prove that he controls the registered IP range or the registered e-mail address. If you need your IP address or range to be de-registered from a certain IP in our DNSAL, simply contact us and it will be done with no costs.