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Whitelist based on SPFBL


The reputation database is collected from our customers and contributors and processed by our DNSWL server, which returns:


  • rcode FORMERR: invalid query format;
  • rcode NXDOMAIN: no abuse of this address has been reported;
  • rcode REFUSED: exceeded the limit of queries;
  • excellent reputation confirmed by the community;
  • public service or indispensable for the proper functioning of society;
  • corporate message service, forbidden to use for marketing purposes and
  • safe bulk service.
  • extremely reliable abuse treatment team.


Service’s zone:


If any IP is not on this list, and matches the or criterias, please let us know at We will be grateful for any help.


The result is just for corporate messaging. This means that service will only be used to exchange common business messages. This type of listing is a service paid by the company that owns the service. If you have received any e-mail marketing from any service listed with this result, please complain it at Any company that does not comply this restriction will have their service summarily removed from this list.


The result points to bulk providers with low SPAM volume. So if the same IP is listed in other DNSBLs, it is recommended to neutralize these other results because there is high probability of incurring false positive due to other customers using the same service to send desirable content.


If your organization has a message delivery service just for business purposes, that does not submit marketing content, we can include your service on this list for only $3 annually per FQDN. If you are interested in this service, please contact us for details.


IMPORTANT: We make no guarantees, despite our best efforts to maintain a stable and consistent system. Use at your own risk and take into account that our system works on the basis of reputation and without perks, so that SPAM can even be released from reputable services.


IMPORTANT: Current limit of one query every 100ms per IP block. Lower frequencies require contribution. Please get in touch with your IP or range of IPs for details.