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Why is my domain listed on the service?

Why is my domain listed on the service?

The service does not query domain listings. Instead, it tries to resolve the domain to an IP address, and only then query that IP in our database. When any IP is listed, it does not mean that the domain associated with that IP was also listed. Most likely this does not happen.


By the way, the service shows the results in a very confusing way to domain owners, making them believe that their domain was actually listed in our database. Because of this issue, we have revoked‘s permission to show results about our DNSBL. To receive support on listings shown on, you must obtain the support directly from We can ignore any support requests about results shown by and we are really sorry for that, because we are not in a position to force to stop showing results from our DNSBL.


We recommend that domain queries be done by the service because in this service the query is actually done by the domain instead of its IP. The can distinguish between the two cases and show the results clearly. If your domain appears listed on, then only in that case you can contact us to request removal.

Leandro Carlos Rodrigues

Bacharel em Ciência da Computação pela FEI