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P2P network

Decentralization of SPFBL


The decentralization of the SPFBL service must be done through P2P networks:


All servers that run the SPFBL service share information with each other.


Here is an example of a network with three pools, where each pool has one server, each SPFBL server has three e-mail servers, and each e-mail server has three users.


Responsibilities of the elements:


  • User: report the SPAM messages that are passed to him using tools provided by the administrator of your MX.
  • MX Admin: provide reporting tools to your users and permanently block 100% proven SPAM sources.
  • Pool Administrator: create pool usage rules, where MX administrators decide whether they want to join the pool, check if the rules are being met, and connect to other pools that have locking ideals similar to their own.


The idea of connecting to other pools with similarity of locking ideals serves to create a trust network, where a pool will always send information that its pair always agrees with. It is not correct for a pool to send blocking information while the other pool does not agree. In this case the pool that received the information should proceed to reject the information from the source pool and look for other pools with better reputation.