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Services and Plans






Single RBL

* Simple IP DNSBL query.
* This service has low accuracy due to the limitation of DNSBL technology, especially in cases where the origin IP is shared.

Advanced SPF

* Advanced SPF query with RBL check.
* Blocks attacks from known malicious sources.
Exim and Postfix

SPFBL Envelope

* Simple SPFBL service consumption, using envelope information only.
* Fixes misconfigured or incomplete SPF records, preventing an important message from being missed for this reason.
* The accuracy of this service is low in cases where the original sender is masked by the outgoing email service.
Exim, Postfix and Dovecot

SPFBL Header

* Full SPFBL service consumption, with envelope information plus header information, as long as the MTA supports header data extraction and processing.

Rspamd Multi RBL

* Advanced multi query RBL using all our public lists intelligently, including URIBL queries, causing an excellent accuracy for this service.
Any MTA compatible with Rpamd

Spam Firewall



* Complete e-mail filtering on our servers, covering all checks from previous services plus checking for potentially dangerous objects, such as files that can run code on the user's machine, these objects can be either attached or linked, including inspection inside compact files, with or without password. Includes verification of thousands of malware signatures.
* Allows you to precisely control the entire email flow of your domain.
* The system self-learning and improves accuracy over time, always improving.
* Suspicious message retention functionality, with warning directly in the user's email, making the Junk folder completely obsolete.
* Save bandwidth and CPU on your email server, because our servers only deliver email that it needs to receive.
Any email service